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Counter forms
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Counter forms
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Integration of 5 communities
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Counter forms
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Counter forms
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Combinations of stone
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Welcome to the website of the foundation “Beheer Sculpturen Rob Maingay”

This website shows information about the foundation maintaining the sculptures made by Rob Maingay and also shows the development of Rob during the past years, and informs about his working methods, made works and exhibitions.

Goals foundation “Beheer Sculpturen Rob Maingay”

  1. Maintaining the sculptures made by the artist Rob Maingay, interior and abroad:
    1. Promotion of the Rob’s works of art;
    2. Restauration of the Rob’s works of art.
  2. Exhibit (loan out) Rob’s works of art, interior and abroad;
  3. Persist sculpture garden with Rob’s works of art, interior and/or abroad;
  4. Persist and/or realize an open air museum with Rob’s works of art, interior and/or abroad;
  5. Sale Rob’s works of art.
houten zaagmodellen
houten zaagmodellen